Differences between Live and Online Blackjack



Blackjack is a extremely old game, and people think that it dates back to the early 17th century; more precisely, the 17th century Spain. The first rules of this game were found in a well known novel – Don Quixote. People might think that these rules have changed greatly over the past few centuries, but pretty much everything is still the same. And now, thanks to these precise rules that we have, this has become one of the most know and most played game in casinos all over the world.

Almost everybody has heard about this game. Even if they haven’t, you just have to tell them that the goal of the game is to reach 21, and they’ll immediately understand what you’re talking about. This game is so famous that it can be found in every single casino on this planet. Now, this doesn’t mean that it can only be found in physical casinos, because the institution of casino is much greater today, and now we have online casinos as well. Some people would even claim that these online casinos are starting to become even more popular than the real ones; which means that the online blackjack is becoming popular as well, and perhaps even more than the real one.

Blackjack2But, why is this so? Well, answering that question is rather easy – this online game is accessible. You can be in your bed and play blackjack with a dealer live! There is absolutely no need to visit an actual casino. Besides, you can also play this game on your PC, your tablet device, or your smart phone (regardless if its an Android, an iPhone, or a Blackberry). You only need some internet, and that is exactly what made this online blackjack so well-liked.

But the question remains if the online blackjackDownload Blackjack game for Android on Google Play is really more popular than the real one. It is not easy to answer that, because these two games offer quite a different experience to a player. People would think that the variations between the games lay solely in design, but that is not quite true. If you play an online blackjack game, you would face a lot less distraction than while you were standing in a real physical casino. This occurs due to the fact that different people respond differently to the various people you tend to find around the blackjack table. Besides, if you are in a casino, you are probably going to have a couple of drinks, and you probably won’t do that when you’re at your home. Besides all of the above mentioned stuff, real physical casinos have a lot of gorgeous ladies whose only goal seems to be to distract you, and if you are a poor guy who just wants to spend some time having fun while playing a game, you certainly won’t miss that. Due to all of the things that we have mentioned here, it is clear that there are a lot of differences between the Live and Online Casinos, and it would appear that the Online one is winning.